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MogulWood was a social multiplayer HUD-based trivia game and movie studio simulator for Second Life. Create your own studio, recruit your friends, make your own movies, earn fame and reap the Box Office profits on your way to becoming a famous Movie Mogul.


  1. You can raise money and energy by working your day job for cash
  2. You can practice your movie skills, leveling up seven different skills used in movie production.
  3. If you belong to a studio, you can choose a movie project underway and contribute your movie skills towards the cause. The better the production stats are at the end of the movie’s production, the more money it makes.
  4. Sign contracts to work for someone, or send contracts to your friends to have them work under you
  5. Raise your fame with self-promotion, adding bonuses to your overall efforts
  6. Shop for personal, studio and craft related items that raise your level caps.
  7. At the end of every turn, answer movie trivia for bonuses to your actions next turn